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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the gathering, processing, analysis and reporting of information which has been correlated to a target either for the purpose of attacking or defending an asset. This same process can also be implemented in other use cases, including searching for indicators of a missing person online.

Penetration testing may involve many different types of methodologies or frameworks, here I will be concentrating on the PTES (Penetration Testing Execution Standard) where it applies to different information systems. Everything described here is and has been documented previously in the wild (online).

Kali Linux is a distribution which has been preloaded with a plethora of security tools used for both DFIR and Red Teaming engagements. Whilst there are many other distributions, I will be talking to my own experiences with Kali in this component of my blog.

HackTheBox (HTB) is an online enclave where security professionals can try their skills and techniques on compromising machines which have been deployed for the purposes of penetration testing. Here I will be discussing some of my successes and failures in HTB machines as they have been retired from the active pool.